Royal Protection Services, LLC wants to give back to the people we serve. We understand that there are many people who have helped us be who we are today, and we don't want to ever lose sight of that. 

The make a dream/wish idea for our company is to help people with sever or debilitating health conditions that make going places or events hard or impossible for them to go. We want to help these people see their dream or wish come true.  These special people are in need of ambulance transport and have a wish/dream that insurance won't cover the costs for transport to.  


These wishes can be going to sporting events, concerts, family gatherings, or other special events that would normally not be possible without a program like this. Please contact our office or fill out the form found under this tab to request this service.  If the transport is accepted, the transport, and all care will be completely free of charge to the person who's receiving this gift from us.  

Holding Hands