Frequently Asked Questions

What does my insurance cover?

Insurance coverage for medical transport varies based on the insurance provider. Contact our team (252-506-2600) with any questions regarding insurance coverage for your transport.

What does Medicare Cover?

With a signed PCS/Medical necessity, Medicare, and most commercial insurances will cover most medical transports including hospital interfaculty transports, and discharges. Medicare does not cover costs for medical/doctor office appointments.

What are acceptable methods of payment?

You can make a payment in cash for the full amount of the quoted transport when the crew arrives.  You can make a credit card payment to our billing office by calling         1-800-874-3617 or 910-694-3145.  RPS does not accept checks. 

Can Family Ride?

Yes, RPS will allow for a family member to ride with the patient. The rider must sign a Rider Release Liability form in order to ride, and must ride in the front cab area of the unit, unless the patient is a minor child. 

Hours of Operations.

RPS is available for service 24 hours a day. Regardless of the day of the week, or holiday. Please contact us for any transport needs that you have at 252-506-2600.

Level of Care Provided

RPS staffs our units with a paramedic as well as an EMT. Our units are all inspected and approved to run as paramedic level ambulances in the state of North Carolina.  Our staff works under the direction of our medical director who allows us to function with the full scope of practice allowed by North Carolina protocols. RPS can handle all ALS and BLS transport needs for you or your loved one. 

How Much Will a Transport Cost?

The cost of a transport can vary greatly based off of the patient's needs, distance, and insurance.  If you would like to have a quote call our team at 252-506-2600 and we will be glad to assist you. 

Contracting With RPS

If you are a facility or a company that would like to contract for services from RPS. Please contact our office at 252-506-2600 or by e-mail at

We would like to service your facility or your events.  Please contact us with any needs so we can work together to meet your needs.